Mercury Retrograde: A Portal to the Present

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Find out how Mercury retrograde can act as a portal to help you release and work through all that holds you back from surrendering fully to your authentic expression.

I’ve had an insight into Mercury retrograde recently that I want to share. Others may roll their eyes, but I do believe that there is wisdom in the stars, and I think there’s truth to a lot of it. This retrograde is only in action for a couple more days, but these insights remain relevant for the three or four, sometimes dreadfully anticipated times of the year that this is happening. Many of us make excuses, or have made excuses, blaming Mercury retrograde for our mishaps. Mercury Retrograde may manifest as travel plans being delayed, computers stalling, emails not going through, traffic making us late, misunderstandings in communication, fights or quarrels in otherwise peaceful relationships, etc. All things technical or related to communication are affected, creating some kind of interruption, but an interruption is exactly what it is. Stay with me and I’ll get back to the interruption piece in a sec.

The second aspect of Mercury retrograde connects us to our past. This can be people from our past, experiences, or even nostalgic smells and odors that trigger a memory or a feeling that are reminders of our past. I believe that this is an opportunity to address elements of our past and reconfigure the past into the present. Let me explain. Karmically we come to this Earth plane with our unique load of baggage. Elements from past lives, relationships to be worked out, sacred contracts, and our own personal hardships and challenges. In this life, we have an opportunity to work through this stuff. It’s why we’re here. To work through the stuff so that we may melt and merge back into the ever expanding cosmic tapestry that is the essence of all that is. To become one with God to put it plainly. So the interruption actually serves to connect us to our past so that we may identify what is no longer serving us. It can even be a positive interruption, in which case in may be an invitation to create more of that positive element or feeling in our lives.

Often we carry our past around with us without awareness. This blocks us from accessing the present. It is all the ways in which we sabotage ourselves, and our relationships. Anything that binds our innate expansive selves is our ego. Not the healthy ego which shows us how to be discerning, protects us and feeds us, but that dark negative devil of an ego that wants to destroy our lives. It feeds on darkness and its purpose in entropy. It acts as death. We need both, but the only reason that this negative ego exists is to kill what isn’t working, to destroy and start anew. If we are not living in our highest potential, as our true selves, then our negative ego wants to hit restart because the expansion isn’t happening in its fullness.

In my own experience, my portal to the past comes about as habits and patterns of behavior that I generally thought I let go of. During Mercury retrograde there is a tendency for some of these habits to show up again. For instance drinking excessive amounts of caffeine when I’m down to a cup of coffee a day or no caffeine at all. Or it can be eating dairy or drinking alcohol after I haven’t had any in months. Not that those things are inherently bad, they just don't serve me personally. It can also be a pattern of not making enough time for self care. For another person it may be a sense of feeling overwhelmed, like everything is getting in the way or falling apart. Unhealthy or uncomfortable emotional expression is also very common. I’ve dealt with a good share of depression and anxiety in my life, as I know many have, and although I feel like I have those feelings largely managed and somewhat transformed, feelings of sadness or depression can still creep back in, especially at this time. Sometimes the opposite can happen as well. It may manifest as feeling high or elated, but in either case it’s an emotion or feeling that is throwing our system out of balance.

If there is a neuroses present, Mercury Retrograde creates a perfect climate for it to act up and become agitated. Whether you have a clinical label or not, I believe that most of us are on some spectrum of mental health challenge, because look at our world. We are ruled by our egos and as long as that is true, we will be creating chaos in our lives and the lives of others. People who have this awareness and can begin to observe our ego and disentangle from it are waking up from the insanity. While these people seem to be rare, I believe that consciousness is expanding nonetheless. Perhaps you are one of these people. Rarer still, are the people that have recognized and worked through their egoic selves and are living easefully, in alignment and grace with the universe, and are able to intimately navigate the ever expanding cosmos. I bow down to these people because they are holy. They are the prophets, sages, and spiritual teachers of our time. They have done the work, surrendered to all that is and have achieved mastery. These people are an inspiration and I believe their work is to elevate humanity into a more conscious and civil way of being and relating with one another. We can all get to this place, but to do so requires examining how our patterns of behavior hold us back from aligning with our true nature. We all have different tendencies and trauma that we need to work through. As we’ve explored, they are unique for each person and can include external behavior and/or mental/emotional responses.

The patterns that emerge are not important, what is important is that we use the potent time of Mercury retrograde to examine what’s arising and take the opportunity to shift it. Instead of dreading Mercury retrograde, or having resistance to it, we can welcome it, and use It as an opportunity to make leaps and bounds of progress within ourselves. In recognizing the interruption that is happening, we can see it for what it is and not play into it, or at least keep it in in awareness, because awareness is half the battle. Awareness sets the foundation for transformation.

I would love to know what you think of reading this article and I appreciate any comments or feedback you wish to share.

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